Conditions to apply for an internship

It is possible to apply for an internship at a public or private organization. Only second-year master students may apply. The student must be enrolled at the University of Paris 8 in a program with at least 200 hours of class time.

The internship must take place exclusively during the academic year (from October 1 through September 30). The real duration of the internship must be at least 132 days or 924 hours, or in other words, at least four months, and no longer than six months. The internship must begin starting in April. Any request to begin an internship during the period when classes take place will be refused, except if the employer accepts to adapt the intern’s work hours to his or her class schedule.

Internship agreement and description

The internship agreement as well as the evaluation documents must be completed in conjunction with the host organization. Any agreement that is poorly filled out will be rejected.

The student must have the agreement of his or her research supervisor. If this is the case, he or she must download the forms for the internship agreement and description. He or she must fill them out or have the host organization fill them out.

Three copies of the internship agreement must be transmitted by mail or e-mail to Ms. Carine Moin (the administrative and financial secretary) at least two business weeks before the beginning of the internship (not during university vacation periods). All three copies must be signed by 1) the representative of the host organization; 2) the supervisor from the host organization; 3) the intern; 4) the director of the master’s program or the professor in charge of internships.

The student will be required to register the documents on the Moodle platform.

Evaluation documents

Other documents must imperatively be completed during the internship either by the supervisor at the IFG, the supervisor at the host organization, or the intern:

These documents must be completed by the intern and presented to the appropriate people in charge. Form A must be submitted to the IFG supervisor and then to Ms. Carine Moin. The intern must systematically keep the professor in charge of internships up to date on the status of these procedures.

Additional information

It is the intern’s responsibility to sign up for liability insurance (offered by home insurance providers, banks, and complimentary health insurance providers). For internships abroad or in overseas departments, he or she must also sign up for personal accident insurance.

For more information, please see: http://www.univ-paris8.fr/Stages

Validating the master’s degree and the internship report

The thesis (or report) must be handed in to the secretary’s office at least three weeks before the defense.

It must be at least 40 pages long and include both illustrations and maps with different levels of analysis. It must have an introduction, a structured body, a conclusion, annexes, a bibliography, an inventory of primary sources, a table of figures (photographs, images, maps, etc.), and a table of contents. For reference, the outline of the report can be the following:

  1. Case study: the geopolitical reasoning used in the intern’s activities
    1. The methodology used and the processing of the sources
    2. Demonstration of the case study
    3. Interpretation of the results
  2. The tasks to be accomplished by the intern at the host organization
    1. Presentation of the company/ministry/department
    2. The tasks to be accomplished during the internship
    3. How the tasks were carried out
  3. Contributions and specificities of the internship
    1. Renewal and development of skills learned at the IFG
    2. Contributions in terms of skills used at the host organization
    3. The work environment