Doctoral Program

2016: Sixty-three doctoral students are enrolled at the IFG.

Five of them have research grants (University of Paris 8 research grants, Fulbright grants, and CIFRE contracts [training through research agreements with businesses]).


Owing to the IFG’s reputation and specificity, a high number of candidates apply for admission each year. Doctoral students are selected based on an application presented to the research supervisor they solicit. Applications for admission are evaluated between July and October.

Candidates applying for a doctoral grant from the University of Paris 8’s Graduate School of Social Sciences are required to have a master’s degree from the IFG. They are preselected by the IFG’s teaching staff before the application period, based on the quality of their academic background and the Institute’s research priorities.


Doctoral seminars take place once per month, on a Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm (room D304). Two students present their research to the rest of the doctoral students and several IFG professors, who give feedback on the presenters’ research methodology. The seminar provides a general overview of the research conducted at the IFG and allows students to integrate their research within this framework.

Doctoral dissertations in Geopolitics are required to include maps of different scales. The IFG offers the opportunity for students to enroll in a cartography seminar adapted to their research topic. They may also enroll in the cartography courses given to second-year master’s students.

The IFG encourages students to obtain dual supervision through the international cooperative research programs it has set up with its institutional partners. Doctoral theses written in a foreign language are accepted in the case of dual supervision. It is nevertheless recommended to provide a French translation so that the members of the thesis committee may understand the research conducted as completely as possible.

Accredited doctoral research supervisors at the Centre de recherches et d’analyses géopolitiques (CRAG - EA 353) and the Graduate School of Social Sciences

IFG Professors

  • Barbara Loyer, Pr., specialist of Europe, particularly Spain, and the epistemology of geopolitics
  • Frédérick Douzet, Pr., specialist of the United States and urban geopolitics (segregation), with a comparative perspective between France and the United States. New secondary research axis: the geopolitics of cyberspace.
  • Philippe Subra, Pr., specialist of the geopolitical analysis of conflicts that arise from urban, environmental and transportation development
  • Philippe Boulanger, Pr. specialist of geostrategy
  • Ali Bensaad, Pr, specialist of the Arab world and its relations with sub-Saharan Africa

Associated professors

  • JR Raviot, Pr., specialist of Russia
  • Nora Seni, Pr., specialist of the Turkish world
  • André Filler, HDR, specialist of Russia
  • Pierre Blanc, HDR, specialist of the Middle East
  • Frédéric Encel, HDR , specialist of Israel

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For more information on the Graduate School of Social Sciences, which groups together several research centres and manages enrolment and financial aid, please visit http://www.sciences-sociales.univ-paris8.fr/