Doctoral Program

2016: Sixty-three doctoral students are enrolled at the IFG. Five of them have research grants (University of Paris 8 research grants, Fulbright grants, and CIFRE contracts [training through research agreements with businesses]). Admission Owing to the IFG’s reputation and specificity, a high number of candidates apply for admission each year. Doctoral students are selected based […]

Master 2: geopolitics

“Geopolitics: Territories and Power Relations” Field: Social Science Major: Geopolitics Specialty: Territories and Power Relations Two-year master’s program. Reorientation possible at the end of the first year and at the beginning of the second year. Admission Requirements: Students having completed the first-year master’s program in geopolitics must have successfully defended a first-year thesis with the […]

Master 2: local geopolitics

Local geopolitics and territorial governance (development projects and consultation) The IFG’s professional second-year master’s program trains students to become practitioners in local territorial management. They learn what the strategies of the various players involved are and how to prevent and/or manage local territorial conflicts, notably those concerning development projects. Profile of the positions students are […]

Master 1

First-year Master’s Program in Geopolitics Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Development Studies, Law, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Foreign Languages, History, Political Science, or any other major with 50% of the coursework in the intended master’s program. Validation of prior experience (validation des acquis de l’expérience – VAE) Research project. The first year of the program […]


Master of Geopolitics Do not hesitate to send an application for admission even if you haven’t received your academic transcript yet. The first year is the same for both of the two-year master’s programs. Two programs are available in the second year: A research program entitled: “Geopolitics: Territories and Power Relations,” which includes three possible […]


Les formations en apprentissage à l’Institut Français de Géopolitique Since 2010, the region Ile-de-France has authorized second-year master’s students at the French Institute of Geopolitics to apply for an apprenticeship at the CFA Formasup Paris. We offer dual programs and welcome both apprentices and students with a traditional academic background. Our programs are only open […]


Conditions to apply for an internship It is possible to apply for an internship at a public or private organization. Only second-year master students may apply. The student must be enrolled at the University of Paris 8 in a program with at least 200 hours of class time. The internship must take place exclusively during […]

Docs Pratiques [fr]

Comment présenter un mémoire Page de garde Attente Rapport de stage, d’apprentissage et de contrat de professionnalisation Procès verbal de soutenance pour l’année universitaire 2015 – 2016