The crag and its research axes

Research axes:

  •  Asia: headed by Isabelle Saint Mézard
  •  The Arab World: headed by Ali Bensaad
  •  France – Europe: headed by Barbara Loyer, Philippe Subra, and André Filler
  •  Russia and Post-Soviet Areas: headed by André Filler
  •  North America: headed by Frédérick Douzet
  •  Geopolitical Cartography: headed by Jérémy Robine
  •  The Geopolitics of Cyberspace: headed by Frédérick Douzet
  •  Local Geopolitics – Land-Use Planning: headed by Philippe Subra
  •  Politics, Memorials and Geopolitics: headed by Nora Seni
  •  The Geopolitics of Energy: headed by Nora Seni and Ali Bensaad
  •  Military Geography and Geopolitics: headed by Philippe Boulanger
  •  Geopolitics and Economics: headed by Clotilde Champeyrache
  •  Women and Geopolitics: headed by Barbara Loyer

Contacts: see http://www.geopolitique.net/institut/lequipe