Les formations en apprentissage à l'Institut Français de Géopolitique

Since 2010, the region Ile-de-France has authorized second-year master’s students at the French Institute of Geopolitics to apply for an apprenticeship at the CFA Formasup Paris. We offer dual programs and welcome both apprentices and students with a traditional academic background. Our programs are only open to apprenticeships starting in the second-year of the master’s program. We admit students who have completed their first year at the IFG or in other departments.

Brochure on the apprenticeship programs (in french):

Brochure d'information sur les formations en apprentissage

Brochure à l'attention des entreprises et collectivités

Fiche pratique à l'usage des employeurs

Reasons for opening the master’s program in Geopolitics to apprenticeships

To help young graduates educated in the local territorial community of Seine Saint-Denis to find a job in Seine Saint-Denis

Thanks to the quality of its programs, the activities of its researchers and the reputation of the journal Hérodote (the top journal for geography and geopolitics, with 1,300 subscribers – including 500 abroad – and 3000 copies printed each trimester), the French Institute of Geopolitics at the University of Paris 8 has an excellent scientific reputation and a real international influence. Recruited both nationally and internationally, students take their courses within the local territorial community of Seine Saint-Denis and are highly sensitized to the stakes of its development, which is one of the major preoccupations of our researchers. We wish to reinforce the links between the Institute and the local authorities and businesses so that the skills we teach may be useful to the development of Seine Saint-Denis. The priority given to Seine Saint-Denis does not exclude other priorities. We also take into consideration the number of jobs available, the personal and professional objectives of our students (some of whom are already involved with other territories), and the solicitations we receive from other territorial communities.

To Raise funds for a top-notch program in Seine Saint-Denis

These funds are indispensable if our programs at the University of Paris 8 are to remain competitive in relation to other universities, whose autonomy has been expanded in recent years. They allow us to continue to attract the brightest students and to reinvest their talents locally.

Principles of the apprenticeship

The apprenticeship functions as a work study program. During the first semester, students have two or three days of classes per week at the IFG and work two or three days a week (depending on their program’s schedule) at the public or private organization that employs them. The time spent working increases during the second semester, and then students work full time during the final months of the program, depending on their program’s schedule. Class attendance is required as it is factored into students’ work hours. Students have an employment status that includes all of the rights and responsibilities that go with it. Each apprentice has two supervisors, one at the IFG and the other at their workplace.


Master of Local Geopolitics and Territorial Governance (Development Projects and Consultation)

  • Project owners and businesses: RFF, GRDF, RTE, EDF, GRT Gaz, SAUR, STIF, Géris, OG, INGEROP Conseil et Ingénierie, Environnement Conseil
  • Consulting firms: C&S Conseils, Sedna, Parimage, Etat d'Esprit
  • Local government: the cities of Paris, Aubervilliers, Nanterre, Caen, Buchelay, and Sannois; the agglomerations of the Plaine Commune, Cergy-Pontoise, Creil, and Mantes-la-Jolie; the departmental councils of Seine-Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne, and Yvelines; the regional councils of Île-de-France and Lorraine
  • Other: Coordination Toxicomanie Paris 18ème, Gazette des communes, ONF, Campus de cancérologie

Master of Geopolitics: Territories and Power Relations

  • The intercommunal agglomeration of the Plaine Commune: analyses and prospective studies on all issues related to the Roma population in the Plaine Commune. Integration towns, alternative integration projects (professional integration, urban integration, financing, setting up projects). Coordinating projects related to the Roma population in the Plaine Commune between the cities and the related institutional stakeholders and associations.
  • Renault
  • Engie
  • SARL Editerra: updating road maps, city maps, and other maps. Creating access maps, advertising cards, and graphic charters for model clients. Editing cartographic documents.


 The results of the apprenticeship program have been very positive. We have strengthened our ties with local governing structures and redeployed our skills in these areas through the work of our apprentices. The students have benefited from an extremely rich professional experience. We have observed that due to their employment status and their long-term commitment, companies have integrated them much more quickly and thoroughly than interns. They have been put in charge of important tasks much earlier and have been recognized as fully legitimate members of the organizations.

The work study rhythm has proven to be extremely demanding for apprentices, given the high expectations of both the teachers and the employers. We have had to adapt certain workloads to the specific situation of some apprentices.

Study Trips

 The IFG solicits subsidies from the region Île-de-France to organize study trips for apprentices. The first one took place in Istanbul, the second in Berlin, the third in Rabat, the fourth in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and the fifth in Moscow. The goal is for students to meet politicians, businessmen, and associations involved in urban development. In 2017, the apprentices will be going to Bosnia.

Job Fairs

 The Bourse Interministérielle de l’Emploi Public (BIEP) is available on the civil service website: http://www.biep.fonction-publique.gouv.fr/common/jobApprenticeSearch/showList

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